Urine Bag

PUB. APP. NO. Urine Bag Title
1 20030032944 Urine bag and self-retracting drain tube therefor
2 20030023222 Urine bag for a male human

Urine bag for a male human

A urine bag for a male human has a pouch with an opening defined in the pouch, a fastener mounted around a periphery defining the opening, and an arcuate piece mounted between the arcuate piece and the periphery. The pouch is composed of a permeable layer, an absorbent layer, and a waterproof layer. The urine bag can be worn to collect urine from a user who does not have convenient access to a toilet, and the urine bag is disposable after use.

Urine bag and self-retracting drain tube therefor

A urine collection bag having the basic features appearing in U.S. Pat. No. 4,449,971 is disclosed. The bag also includes an improvement in the form of an extendable drain tube that is normally retracted and retained in flat coiled condition against the front wall of the bag. The tube is biased into its coiled condition by the elastic memory of the thermoplastic material from which it is formed and, in a preferred embodiment, the flat coil is oval-shaped with its major axis extending generally vertically when the bag is worn. A retention strap attached to the front wall of the bag serves to hold the drain tube in its coiled condition against the bag's front wall. A valve is located at a distal end of the drain tube, which is used to control drainage. The location of the valve prevents spillage of residual urine upon recoil of the drain tube.

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