Suture Needles

  1. Suture needles and methods of use
  2. Instrument handle for storing suture and needles

Instrument handle for storing suture and needles

An instrument handle for storing of suture which can be easily accessed by a surgeon. The handle is provided with a cavity for housing sutures and needles. The cavity is accessed by opening a pivotable hatch. The suture is wrapped around a tie-down bar disposed on the inside of the pivotable hatch. If desired, a surgical needle may be attached to the suture and stored within a slot of the tie-down bar of the pivotable hatch.

Suture needles and methods of use

A suture needle is disclosed that includes a shaft, the shaft being marked at least partially with a visual indicator; and a puncture tip at one end of the shaft. The shaft of the needle includes a front surface and a rear surface. The front and/or rear surface of the needle includes the visual indicator. The visual indicator may be a color, but if both the front and rear surfaces include a color, then the colors of front and rear surfaces are different. Also disclosed are methods of using a suture needles, one such method including: inserting the suture needle into a mammal; viewing the suture needle; and immediately ascertaining the exact orientation of the suture needle with no manipulation of the suture needle.

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