Surgical Scalpel

  1. Guarded surgical scalpel with blade stripper lock to prevent accidental or inadvertent ejection of the blade
  2. Multi-bladed surgical scalpel
  3. Disposable surgical scalpel
  4. Surgical scalpel and system particularly for use in a transverse carpal ligament surgical procedure
  5. Disposable guarded surgical scalpel
  6. Lock-type disposal safe surgical scalpel
  7. Surgical scalpel with protective sheath
  8. Spring-actuated, retractable-bladed surgical scalpel
  9. Surgical scalpel
  10. Surgical scalpel incinerating device
  11. Surgical scalpel
  12. Multi-bladed surgical scalpel
  13. Shielded surgical scalpel
  14. Micromachined surgical scalpel
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