Hypodermic Needle

PUB. APP. NO. Hypodermic Needle Title
1 20050148930 Captive cover for a hypodermic needle of an intravenous (IV) tube assembly
2 20050121343 Hypodermic needle extraction and disposal system and device
3 20050072758 Apparatus for electrically disintegrating hypodermic needle
4 20040087915 Hypodermic needle
5 20040064098 Hypodermic needle and fluid injection device
6 20030121815 Storage container for at least one hypodermic needle
7 20030078543 Device for separating the connecting end of a hypodermic needle from the tip of an injection instrument
8 20030069550 Hypodermic needle
9 20030028154 Polymer hypodermic needle and process for producing same design and process for making all-plastic molded-in-one piece hypodermic needle
10 20020179099 Hypodermic needle recapping device for surgical procedures
11 20020095109 Safety drop infusion/transfusion set capable of preventing recovered hypodermic needle from being pushed out
12 20020092939 Hypodermic needle and syringe decontaminating and destroying apparatus
13 20020092429 Hypodermic needle and syringe sterilizing and destroying apparatus
14 20020091360 Hypodermic needle cap and sharps protective cap ejector
15 20020063074 Hypodermic needle holder
16 20020017886 Apparatus and method for electrically disposing of hypodermic needle
17 20010029356 Hypodermic needle guard
18 20010027298 Hypodermic needle guard
19 20010023349 Hypodermic needle with weeping tip and method of use
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